Fröhlichen Valentinstag!

Tonight, my valentine took me to Giesserei Oerlikon, a former foundry that is now a restaurant, located in the cool neighborhood of Oerlikon in Zurich. For this special evening, “the foundry” was lighted with candles, the table was decorated with rose petals, and the music was slow smooth jazz: very romantic, especially when you start off with a kiss and a cocktail. Without a doubt, food is the perfect demonstration of amore vero

A kiss, cocktails, and…

…a full spoon of couscous.

There’s a funny Valentine’s Card that reads:

I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with my true love… Food. Well, yes. Of course. And with my soulmate.

Broccoli and pomegranate tartare with crème fraîche and mint on beetroot carpaccio

It’s beetroot, not bresaola! Mischievous but good.

Champagne cream soup with popped rape seeds and crunchy herbs

The soup was absolutely delicious! It made our palates shout with joy.

Slow-cooked beef fillet on Port-wine sauce, potato-truffle puree and monk’s beard

Can the beef be more tender? Impossible. This dish was balanced, tasty, and special. The Monk’s beard was a great choice.

Small fine chocolate symphony with cake, mousse and half-frozen

Valentine’s Day cannot be Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Thank you for existing, cacao seeds.

Buon appetito and cheers for love!

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