Visiting Dublin to drink beer and see Coldplay

The first time I touched Irish ground was 10 years ago when I was visiting my sister in Madrid and had a very short layover in Dublin airport. That was the first time I literally had to run to the gate shouting to the people walking idly in front of me to move and let me through (yeah like in a movie). I was the last person to get on the plane. They closed the doors behind me and sweating and totally out of breath I sat on my seat and thought to myself that I had to one day return to visit (everyone had been so nice, love here, sweetheart there). It was a strange feeling, as if I knew right then that I was going to love Ireland and the Irish. I was right.

Guinness tasting time indeed!

Visiting Ireland in July was fortunate for two reasons. First, we were going to Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour at Croke Park, which was absolutely fantastic. Second, we were staying at Trinity College, which is central and convenient for many reasons. Yes: the Long Room of the Old Library.

The Long Room

Plato at the Old Library

Dorm we stayed in

Impressive place. One could argue that walking in that room, surrounded by books and their smell of centuries is priceless. And it is to a certain extent, especially if books are your passion. However, it is highly overpriced. Twelve euros to see an old library literally and a really old book? Anche no! The city has so much more to offer, like bars (of course) and barber shops (one in every corner).

Barber shop (took the photo at 1:20 am and the place was open!)

The famous Temple Bar (it smelled like vomit)

So Dubliners like to get haircuts and drink beer all night long. I have never been to a city where at night, everyone was out, drinking, and having a good time. Not to get drunk, to have a good time I repeat and this is what makes the difference. I remember thinking how hard it must be for Trinity College students. Shit, you have so much to do and study during a semester and yet, right outside the college’s gates endless distracting parties all the time. Maybe because it was summer…? They know their beer: Guinness is spectacular! And the Guinness Storehouse is a must, even if you don’t like beer, even if you don’t like alcohol.

Guinness Storehouse

With the ticket, you get to have one fresh Guinness, which in our case, we got to serve ourselves. They teach you what the perfect temperature is, the steps to serve it and then you can drink it at a bar on the top floor where you see Dublin. This beer is so tasty. One of my favorites without a doubt!

Guinness beer for lunch

Pint of Gat during Coldplay’s concert

Really amazing burger

Dublin is a fun fun fun city. The parks (St. Stephen’s Green), the monuments you come across in random streets (Molly Malone), the bridges (Ha’ Penny), the shopping street (O’Connell Street), dubliners: a whale of a time!


Ireland, see you again soon!

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