Grüezi Diego und Nicole!

It is snowing, but it is not winter. It is summer in my heart. Today is April 26: a memorable day. It started at 7:06 when I turned my alarm off and decided to ignore it; it was raining earlier today, and my bed was as warm as a bun fresh from the oven. Cozy.

I didn’t rush. I took the usual bus and hopped on the usual train for work. Always on time, public transportation here is super. And oh the lake! Everyday, I go across the Zürisee on tram number 5. Typical Swiss tile roofs complete the panorama my eyes caress.

 I see people of all different colors and shapes, speaking different languages.

I see young women with scarves and fancy coats, tight dark jeans and all-white or all-black sports shoes; their ankles show. I hear German, or is it Swiss? I hear Hindi. I hear Polish or Russian? Can’t really tell. I see other women wearing pantsuits or skirt suits, with expensive bags on their shoulders and fashionable ankle boots. I hear English and Spanish, a bit of French and then Portuguese. Mi manchi: I hear Italian. Wait, those girls said ‘hoi’ to each other: that’s definitely Swiss. I see men, old and young, in their dark suits and laced leather shoes; most wear electric blue socks, yellow or even red ones that most definitely complete the look. How cool and irrational!

I think socks portray one’s personality, kind of like shoes. A bright color is not meant for a serious man. Underneath these men’s formal faces there must be hidden fun.

The world in a city: for the first time in years, I’m no longer the exception. This place truly is international. Ich mag es hier (hope this is correct, I am after all an A1 student). Zürich is starting to feel like home und ich bin glücklich 🙂

As the day progressed, it stopped snowing and it started to rain again. Then it stopped raining and a bit of sun painted the day. Now das Wetter is better. Daylight lasts longer these days. And mein Bruder just told me two little people saw the sunlight for the first time in their life. Miles away from here but so near to my heart, a special couple was born: Diego und Nicole, herzlich willkommen!

My favorite people in the world from this day on. I became an aunt today. Hola hermosuras, soy la tía Paola! Today I cry. Of joy.

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