This is she

She is tiny and sweet. She’s a miracle. She is delicate as a flower, and smells like dew.
She is loved and she loves, although she cannot say it yet.
She enjoys being cuddled and rocked softly to sleep.
She’s attentive. She begins to understand her surroundings and herself. She tastes it all.
She is lucky. She’s a family. 

She sits and waits for something to happen. She’s impatient and walks around finding wonder in the simplest things. She likes windows. They’re so high, she wishes she was taller.
She plays in the backyard and gets super excited when she hears the ice cream truck approaching. She thinks sweets are the best thing in the whole wide world.
She is happy. She’s Barbie and makes her brother be Ken.
She wonders what’s for supper but knows she’s not supposed to open the oven door.
She looks at herself in the mirror and pretends to put makeup on, like mommy does.
She likes braids and pink bracelets and tulle dresses.
She likes it when daddy makes her laugh, and at night she waits for him to tuck her in.
She loves building castles in the sand and feeling the warm salty breeze of the sea.
She is beginning to read and likes all kinds of stories, especially when the main character is an animal. She adores her cat and talks to him as if it was her son.
And she loves to sing, sing beautiful melodies like the ones from the Little Mermaid.
She’s obsessed with socks and refuses to walk if they feel bunched up inside her shoes.
She loves the smell of pancakes and the taste of limes.
She likes the sound of rain at night as it lulls her to sleep.
She feels safe at home.

She thinks her friends are cool but no one is like her best friend. She likes how they make a joke out of everything and laugh until their tummies hurt. She loves her to death, just like a sister would.
She pretends to eat healthy but fries are her thing. She drinks coca-cola and sometimes a cold beer.
At lunch on a Saturday or Sunday, she shares one with her dad while roasting meet. She’s been learning to drink responsibly with him. She once told him he is her pal and that made him smile.
She knows red lipstick looks good on her and that it attracks the opposite sex. She’s worried about growing a muffin top and not having the right style.
She likes leather and boots, and stylish sandals and bikinis in summer. She loves the sea and enjoys swimming among the waves.
She studies hard and listens to her mom. She knows women should be independent.
She’s become a feminist and supports NGO’s.
And suddenly she is in love, and the sun warms her skin when she sees him. She realizes her dreams have changed and that he’s now part of them.
She is fearless.
She’s grown.

She is tiny and fragile. She’s wise. She is delicate as tissue paper, and smells like dusk.
She’s fun to be with and has a very generous heart.
She doesn’t care anymore about petty things.
She doesn’t quarrel but lets peace win the war, even when she knows she’s right.
She loves her legacy and her family tree.
She’s wrinkly and as happy as a person can be.
She wakes up early to the smell of black coffee in her favorite mug. She remembers that’s how Father liked it every single morning of his life.
She sews a lot even though her eyes refuse to help. She likes her new eyeglasses as they give her an edgy look. She’s different from others her age, and all thanks to Mother, who always taught her to be herself.
She feels blessed. She still has him even after so many years. She thinks about all they did.
She knows the best are their kids and their kids’ kids.
She is loved and she loves, although she cannot find the right words.
She is passing away, but will never be gone.
She is life and eternity.
She is lucky. She’s a family.

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