Vegetarian dinner salad and more

The fun part about my job is that I get to travel a lot (I’m a consultant). Well, it can be fun if it is not often or for long periods of time. I’m one of those people that misses their own bed under their own roof. What can I say, there’s really no place like home or one’s pillow!

Anyways, when on business trips going out for dinner can be quite rewarding. The other day, while in the city of Alba in Italy, my colleagues decided to go to this Enoteca (wine bar) and I simply  went along, trusting their instincts.  

It was a grand discovery!  While drinking amazing wine in an elegant quiet atmosphere, I had a healthy vegeterian dinner. And please notice: I love meat.

But see for yourself! Who needs animal protein when in the presence of such dishes!?

Vegetarian salad

Amazing vegetarian salad. The dressing was super light and really…indescribably delicious

Vegetarian hamburger

Veggie burger with red grilled onions on top and slices of fresh avocado. The chips were homemade and really yummy.

Question of the day: should I become a vegetarian?

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